My career was marked by serious injuries early on. In the
In the last seven years I tore my cruciate ligament four times and was seven
Had knee surgery. This was followed by thousands of hours in the weight room instead of on
my beloved ski slope, a new starting point for me. I managed
However, always fighting my way back and achieving my dream as a professional
to live as a ski racer.


During these difficult times, the lion developed into my motivational image, which is now even my personal trademark. A lion
who is strong and fights for his goals with a lot of passion and joy.

A Lion:

The whole idea came about after my knee operation in March 2023. After my career highlight of 6th place at the World Cup slalom in February, this was the lowest point of my career so far. My friends surprised me with a shirt that had the slogan A-Lion on it. It touched me and gave me strength and motivation to keep fighting.


A-Lion is a modified version of my first name and stands for “Be as strong as a lion and fight for your dreams.” If you look closely at the logo, you can find my initials AD in the lion's mane.

Comeback project:

In order to distract myself during this difficult time and to find new joy, I started some new, small projects. I wanted to use the time to further develop myself off the slopes.

A-Lion is a labor of love.

A Lion Team:

During my rehabilitation at the OYM I met Svenja, a handball player. A good friendship developed and we decided to further develop A-Lion together. With the help of this project, I would like to infect many more people with my fighting heart

By purchasing an A-Lion product, you not only become part of my community, but also support me on my long journey back to the Ski World Cup.

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